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Product ID: ER28


If you must replace the stock gaskets, these are the best to use. (Price for each).

Price: $49.95

Product ID: ER29


One of the best ways to run a lot of boost is with these gaskets. Require a receiver groove. (Price for each).

Price: $99.50

Product ID: ER30


Comes with all the gaskets needed for installing a front cover.

Price: $19.99

Product ID: ER31


A replacement front cover with a machined in high volume pump cavity. Avoids the tolerancing issues of adding a plate for the volume pump.

Price: $189.00

Product ID: ER32


These are the best pistons available for your Turbo Buick. Available in .020/.030 over or special order your own custom piston - call for pricing.

Price: $899.00

Product ID: ER33


Getting the right gasket set is important, and this set has them all. PRICE WILL VARY DEPENDING ON HEAD GASKET CHOICE. Includes Fel-pro head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, cork oil pan gasket, timing cover gasket set, intake gasket, exhaust gasket.

Price: $249.88

Product ID: ER34


These pistons are for the more serious engine builders. In 0.020 and 0.030 over sizes.

Call for pricing 

Price: $0.00

Product ID: ER35


Perfect replacement lifter - as quite as stock.

Price: $59.00

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