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Product ID: TR01


This is a must for every TR owner. Turn up the boost when on race gas, turn it down for pump gas. PLEASE SPECIFY TURBO SIZE
Price: $95.00

Product ID: TR03


An adjustable valve with a lock that can be mounted inside or out. All hardware included.

Price: $95.00

Product ID: TR04


Porting the stock elbow is becoming a thing of the past. But if you are building a sleeper or just starting out, it makes a big difference.    CORE REQUIRED or CORE FEE IS CHARGED $40.00

Price: $80.00

Product ID: TR06


The gasket that GM forgot. Put this between the turbo and header and fix a common leak. Copper only is available.

Price: $20.00

Product ID: TR07


Heavy duty stainless steel aircraft clamps that can hold as much boost as you can throw at them.

Price: $39.00

Product ID: TR09


Comes with the three necessary hoses to replace the cheesy stock ones. The kit is for use with stock intercoolers.

Price: $39.95

Product ID: TR10


These get blocked up with coked oil. Replace it with a new one and keep the oil flowing.

Price: $26.99

Product ID: TR11


Replaces the ribbed OEM hose.


Price: $0.00

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