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Product ID: EC29


One of the first upgrades that should be made on a GN. Eliminates the factory breather & keeps your intercooler from filling with oil.

Price: $21.00

Product ID: EC30


Helps minimize crankcase pressure by not allowing boost to leak by like the factory PCV can. 

Price: $35.95

Product ID: EC31


Top off your ported head & cam combination with a fully ported factory intake. It is a must for cars running 9's. =CORE REQUIRED=

Price: $320.00

Product ID: EC32


Seal off that nasty oil leak forever. The factory o-ring on your filter neck becomes brittle & cracks.

Price: $4.80

Product ID: EC33


Using the right wires is very important. These wires are a perfect fit. They look factory.


Price: $150.00

Product ID: EC34


These are the best spark plug wires available for the Turbo Buick. Call for prices of different types of MSD wires.

Price: $112.99

Product ID: EC35


Fully ported iron heads can flow almost as much as aluminum. Truly the best ported iron heads on the market

Price: $3,000.00

Product ID: EC36


This is a heavy duty turbo hose that can handle all the boost you can throw at it.

Price: $29.50

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