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Product ID: GA11


This electric gauge is easy to install and an accurate way of watching your coolant temperature
Price: $59.00

Product ID: GA13


Mounts conveniently in place of the Schrader valve allowing you to monitor & make adjustments as needed.

Price: $65.00

Product ID: IR01


Fits like a stock radiator, lightweight & cools a lot better than OEM. You can see a 30 degree difference. The radiator also has transmission and motor oil hook ups. The dimensions of this radiator are 31x18x3 and only weighs 13lbs!

Price: $488.00

Product ID: IR02


 The radiator also has transmission and motor oil hook ups. The dimensions of this radiator are 31x18x2.5 and only weighs 13lbs! Same perfect fit. Reduces all important front end weight, trans cooler line fittings provided.

Price: $449.00

Product ID: IR03


THIS IS A DIRECT DROP IN PLUG AND PLAY! This product not only looks great in the car, but also most importantly keeps your car running cool especially for those of you running front mount intercoolers. Comes with 2 HIGH FLOW/HIGH OUTPUT 12" inch fans (1360 cfm EACH) with aluminum shroud, Includes a complete harness with dual relays which plugs directly to the factory harness

Price: $899.99

Product ID: IR10


This 3.15" core flows a whopping 53% more air across the core. Tests have shown as much as a 20 deg temp difference over our previous designed intercooler. This size of core is ideal for this and is large enough to handle 750hp (approx 9.80s in the 1/4).  Includes plain finished pipes, hoses and clamps. For an extra $50 you can get polished pipes instead of the plain finished pipes.

Price: $1,120.00

Product ID: IR11


THIS IS A DIRECT BOLT IN PLUG AND PLAY ITEM! The SPAL fans have the correct plugs to plug right into your factory harness.

Price: $549.00

Product ID: IR12
Price: $1,279.99

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