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Product ID: FS02


The ultimate double pumper. Flows enough fuel to support big power with factory fuel lines. Comes with new hanger & necessary wiring. PUMPS ARE BUILT TO ORDER PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS

Price: $695.00

Product ID: FS03


This regulator allows you to tune in your car with ease. A direct replacement that looks great & is completely rebuildable.

Price: $169.95

Product ID: FS04


A must for every car to receive proper voltage to get the most out of your fuel pump. The best made, no cutting required.

Price: $79.95

Product ID: FS05


Should be in every racers tool kit, allows you to quickly & conveniently drain pump gas out of you tank so you can run straight race gas.
Price: $29.50

Product ID: FS06


Set of 6 60lb injectors Siemens High Impedance. These may look skinny but they fit perfectly in the Turbo Buicks or Syclones/Typhoons. Good for cars from stock down to 10.5's in the 1/4 on race gas, or down to around low 11's on E85. Requires no ECM modifications (besides a matching chip).
Price: $299.00

Product ID: FS07


Perfect for replacing your old stock injectors.

Price: $279.00

Product ID: FS08


These pumps are good down to the low 11s without Alky. There have been cars running low 10s with this pump and Alky.
Price: $149.95

Product ID: FS09



Set of 6 42lb injectors. Works well on Turbo Buicks from stock to mid 11's safely in most cases. Depending on what car these are used on, you would require a new chip, or ECM programming to work correctly.


Price: $279.95

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